Ep. 113: Grey Morality In Video Games | ft. Brian McGuinness

81 minutes

In this week's episode, we review a Hulu Original movie called 'Big Time Adolescence', Take-Two Interactive CEO takes back what he said about $70 games, Rocksteady teased their new game with DC characters, Spiderman locked by Sony in the new Avengers game, and our big topic is a discussion on grey morality in video games and if they should be more Black and White with special guest Brian McGuinness!

Time Stamps ⌛:

0:00 - Intro Talk

4:05 - ‘Big Time Adolescence’ Review

13:20 - Take-Two Takes Back $70

19:07 - New Rocksteady Game

22:42 - Spiderman Locked By Sony

30:25 - Grey Morality In Video Games

1:00:57 - Social Media Answers

1:05:01 - Closing Thoughts

Links for Brian McGuinness:

Twitter - https://twitter.com/laughatbrian

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Level 174 - Toe Jam & Earl (Playable Characters Podcast): https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/level-174-toejam-earl/id1221395288?i=1000487661304

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Games Need To Return To Black-And-White Morality:


Take-Two Takes Back $70:


New Rocksteady Game:


Spiderman Locked By Sony:


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