Ep. 110: Does Gaming Bring Joy? | ft. Good Game Great Game

93 minutes

In this week's episode, we discuss a Hulu Exclusive film called 'Palm Springs', Lego partnering with Nintendo once again to celebrate 35 years of the NES, Sony is still not done with the PS4 even when the PS5 releases, Reggie becomes an advisor to a mobile game company moving to console, and our big discussion is asking the question does gaming bring true joy with our boys over at Good Game Great Game!

Time Stamps ⌛:

0:00 - Intro Talk

4:35 - ‘Palm Springs’ Review

12:35 - Lego NES Announced

16:18 - Sony Is Not Done With PS4

20:38 - Reggie Goes to Rogue

27:42 - Does Gaming Ever Bring Joy?

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