Why We Do This

You've now listened to a few episodes of Games and Groceries. You're really enjoying the content, but you might also be thinking what's the purpose behind it? What's the driving factor? What are they trying to do with this platform?

Or maybe you actually didn't ask any of those questions, you clicked on the "Articles" tab and saw the title of this blog post and said "sure, I'll bite". Whatever the reason may be while reading this post, we thought it would be good to explain what we want to do with this platform. There are three main reasons why we do this podcast every week that we will go over in this blog post, these are goals we want to achieve as we continue our journey.

1. To Have Fun With Video Games

Okay, so this one might not be considered a goal but it is a driving reason why we do this podcast. Video Games are something we talk about a lot and it's an entertainment medium we enjoy bonding over, so we thought why not do a podcast talking about gaming topics. Part of the fun of video games is discussing them with good friends (or in our case your spouse)! Trouble is, it's hard to find people as you hit Young Adulthood that are still having fun with gaming or didn't drop it because they "grew up".

In each episode, we love to have fun by talking about gaming topics that happen during the week. Sometimes that fun will have us being a couple of dorks, having a rant, or having a serious conversation of where the industry is heading. Whatever it is, it's all rooted in having fun with video games again and we want to do it with you as well (Warning: Social Media Shoutouts incoming) so definitely follow us on Twitter @gaminggroceries or follow us individually @acethegrocer and @journeyfirst so we can interact and have a conversation!

2. To Promote Gaming To The Mainstream

This is a goal we know will be a tough one to tackle, but it's one that we want to help others achieve nonetheless. Gamers are treated very strangely with Mainstream America, the only time we're talked about heavily is when something horrible occurs or a weird trend happens and the news needs to point a finger at someone. Other than that, gamers are more or less ignored and shamed by other people, we're seen as people who won't do anything with their lives because we waste our time with video games cough cough Bill Maher cough. People who play video games should be seen as any other person who enjoys an entertainment medium like Sports Fans, Movie-Goers, Netflix-Junkies, etc.

We do our best to make our podcast as easy to jump into as we can. We want people who don't necessarily play games all the time to jump in and to understand that video games are for everyone to enjoy. The gaming industry is already doing a great job in promoting video games to the mass audience, but that doesn't mean us as gamers can't do our part to show Mainstream America that video games are an amazing artform! We talk about topics like "Minimalism and Gaming", "Marriage and Gaming", "What Defines A Gamer?" and more to allow others to jump into the community. You might listen to a couple of episodes and think it might be too casual, but we do this so that people who consider themselves "non-gamers" can understand while also having fun with people already in the community.

3. To Promote a Message of Conversation

Honestly, this is probably the biggest reason why we do this podcast. There are so many gamers out there that are genuine people who just want to share their gaming tastes, it's the loud minority on social media that make gamers look like "toxic" people. We also live in an era where the art of conversation is being lost and almost everything has to be aggressively debated for some reason. Through Games and Groceries Podcast, we want to encourage more conversations to happen amongst gamers in the community; conversations and not cutting people down for their gaming tastes.

As you listen to the episodes, you might think to yourself "Why did they stop there? There are so many other points to bring up." and you're right! In each episode, we just want to get the conversation started and for you, the listener, to continue the conversation with your own thoughts to your friends and everyone you interact with. Now keep in mind we don't want to say that debates are never needed, but also want more friendly conversations to happen in this community. Gamers are not toxic people, we want to spread the message of building solid relationships through awesome conversations about video games.

These are some brief reasons why we do this podcast. There's much more to be said about each point, but you wanted to read a blog, not a book. We hope this helps to understand what we try to communicate in our show and we hope you enjoy every episode we offer!

Start listening to Ep. 56: Break the Mold (ft. Nick DePalo)
Start listening to Ep. 56: Break the Mold (ft. Nick DePalo)