A Conversation On 'I Am Jesus Christ'

As we have the announcement trailer for 'I Am Jesus Christ', there have been questions left unanswered about this game. Rather than make assumptions, I decided to reach out to the lead developer, Maksym Vysochanskiy, about my questions for the game.

     On December 7, 2019, a new game trailer slipped into the social media feeds and there seemed be a collective questioning whether or not it was real or if we were in a Matrix-Like simulation. The trailer we saw was of an upcoming game called ‘I Am Jesus Christ’ where the player is in the first-person perspective of the Son of God. Skeptics started questioning the moral purpose behind this game, Gaming YouTubers began to analyze and dissect the gameplay, overall the masses wanted answers to their questions.    

Since I am part of the masses who looks for answers to my questions, I reached out to the lead developer behind this game.     

Maksym Vysochanskiy started his Polish-based game company, SimulaMobile, back in March 2018 and has been working on this game since then. What we saw in the trailer is a work still in progress and still a lot has yet to be said about the game. Rather than looking at the trailer and assuming what is the intentions behind this game, I wanted to email the creator to understand a little bit better.    

Maksym is understandably a busy person, the answers needed to be quick, but the quick words from the mind of the creator are better than the large assumptions of someone from the outside. 

Adam: What is the intention behind this game? As in for ministry or just to  make a game in general?

Maksym: Well… this game came to me nearly 30 years ago when I was inspired by computer games and computer animations. At that time, I wanted to create a computer animated movie about Jesus Christ. Now this idea transformed into the game with help of Playway. As we can see, during hundreds of years and till now, many great artists made beautiful paintings about Jesus Christ. Then we watched great movies about Him. And now, we believe it is perfect time to use game technologies to show life of Jesus Christ from first perspective. 

Adam: Are you religious in any way or is this a religious study for you?

Maksym: Sure, you can't make this game without some kind of religious background. I am a Christian. I read Bible a couple of times in different translations and I am really inspired by the Jesus Christ story like many of us. 

Adam: What games would you say have inspired you for the development of ‘IAm Jesus Christ’?

Maksym: Honestly… I can't say that only one game inspired me… it is more about whole industry and technologies. 

Adam: There have been a lot of negative comments over this game on Social Media after the Announcement Trailer released. Have you read these comments and how did you react to them?

Maksym: Well… yes there have been negative comments, but they are only a little part of our success. Look at these numbers - over 6 Million views on Twitter, close to 1 Million on YouTube, support from famous mass media. That's why we are focusing on positive side of our game. 

Adam: How do you plan to handle the Christological study that Jesus Christ was fully a man (John 1:14) but also fully God (Colossian 2:9) in this game?

Maksym: This is a hard question, but we are following Gospels as close as possible in the game. 

Adam: What is the release schedule for this game?

Maksym: Sure, we want to release it as soon as possible. But at another handwe want to make high end quality. For that reason, full release is more likely will be at Easter 2021.     

There are still mechanics yet to be developed for ‘I Am Jesus Christ’, so as time continues, we will get more information about this game. Vysochanskiy seems to be focused on telling the Gospel of Jesus through different styles of game mechanics and computer generated cutscenes for players to see His life in that perspective.

I Am Jesus Christ has a page up on Steam, you can follow Maksym on Twitter (@maksymv) and you can follow PlayWay on Twitter (@Play_Way)

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Start listening to Ep. 56: Break the Mold (ft. Nick DePalo)