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A weekly conversation between married gamers about films, the latest gaming news, and a topic in the gaming industry. Hosted by @AceTheGrocer and @JourneyFirst

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They remind me of my own marriage!

I honestly love the chemistry that Adam and Liz bring to their podcast! Not only do they talk about subjects that I’m interested in, but their nerd relationship is legit #goals! I love their recommendations, their commentary on the gaming industry and they are so funny together!



The chemistry between Adam and Liz is great. As a gamer (but not as intense as some are) I never have a problem understanding and being engaged with their topics. This honestly feels like you are just sitting in the room with them talking about video games which is what makes it great!



I love these guys, they have great and interesting topics each week, very well researched topics and super hilarious.

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About the Hosts




Adam is a full-time Youth Pastor based in New York. In his free time, he enjoys playing all sorts of game genres especially narrative-driven, role-playing, and basketball titles. Adam also enjoys his fair share of hoops, skating, and dead lifting.




Liz is writing her own novel in her free time and has plans for more stories. She mainly enjoys narrative-driven video games such as Life is Strange, Until Dawn, and making her own stories in Sims. Liz also enjoys baking, movies, and cuddling with the pupper.



Podcast Pupper

Also known as the “Podcast Pupper”, Floki is the Chigi that you hear in the background of every podcast. Floki was adopted by Adam and Liz three days before Christmas 2017, he has been a vital part of the family ever since. Floki loves barking at bigger dogs, chewing on antlers, and cuddling up with his momma, Liz.

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Start listening to Ep. 56: Break the Mold (ft. Nick DePalo)